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Liguria is a paradise for anyone who appreciates outdoor activities.

Come and discover them with us

The route, although of medium difficulty, may have sections with a sub-optimal surface, yet generally suitable for (e)MTB and short steep sections where it may be necessary to push the bike.


Possible interruption of the route at Lago dei Gulli, reaching the village of Sassello.

Possible shuttle service on request subject to availability and payment (10 €/each, maximum 3 bikes)


Possible accompaniment on request according to availability


This varied and interesting route allows you to admire a hidden corner of the valley of the Torrente Erro and then ascend the Deiva State Forest.

The route involves a stretch of asphalt followed by a wide and easy dirt track, with some more challenging downhill sections. On reaching Lago dei Gulli, we ford the stream and begin the climb. An initial tenuous and steep section is followed by a nice path that leads to the beautiful dirt track of the state forest. We follow it and then descend again in proximity of the river (Erro). From here, we first follow a nice, flat, rocky path that offers remarkable views of the river below. This is followed by a dirt track that further on becomes paved. We keep on that until we meet the main road and then quickly return to the starting point. 

24 KM
950 m
950 M
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