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Honey mead recipe !

TirNaNog Adventure's honey mead is a mild alcoholic infusion. It is easy to brew in your kitchen. Being an alcoholic beverage, we strongly recommend you to enjoy it responsibly.


  • half a litre of edible alc0hol 90%

  • one liter of purest spring water

  • four hundreds grams of honey. one cinnamon stick

  • five cloves (Syzygium aromaticum)

  • a lemon peel

  • an orange peel


Take a large jar. Fill it with the alcohol. Add the cinnamon stick, cloves,lemon and orange peels. Note you have to remove the white under-skin from the citrus fruits' peel

After fifteen days, dissolve the honey in then water. Bring the mix at boiling temperature, continuously steering.

Let the mix boil until its volume it reduced to one half.

Let the mix cool down to room temperature with a lid on the pot.

Once the mix is at room temperature pour it in the jar with alcohol. Close tight and let the magic happen in shaded place. After a couple of weeks filter and bottle your mead.

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